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Ways To Encourage Curiosity In Children

Do you still think that curiosity killed the cat? After reading this blog, you may be rephrasing the saying to ‘Curiosity actually saved the cat’!

Curiosity is what drives all of us to learn new things, which is why curiosity is very essential in the education process. As adults, there are ways to stimulate us to keep staying curious, but it is critical to encourage curiosity early on as well. Some kids are naturally curious and are actively seeking to explore and discover new things. Here are some exciting ways to awaken your little one’s curiosity that you can try out!

1. Encouraging kids to ask more questions:

Curiosity can lead to even more curiosity. If your little one asks you something like ‘why does it rain?’, you can explain the process and go ahead to discuss more so somewhere it might call their curiosity to ask you more about it. This is because if they know nothing about a topic, they cannot be curious about it but as soon as they know a little bit about something, their curiosity is picked up. So encourage more questions!

2. Providing scope for curiosity to grow:

While it is crucial to guide your little one on the learning path, don’t teach them everything that there is out there to know. The key lies in striking a perfect balance. Give them a little leeway to explore and learn few things independently. Enable but don’t impart, and always leave some room for curiosity to grow within them.

3. Changing their routine:

It is important for children to have a daily routine but occasional tweaks in their daily habits can stimulate them to think in different, unique ways which will provoke curiosity. It can be something as simple as changing their morning routines from a walk to a quick dance session.

4. Asking a variety of questions

Turn the tables around! Ask your little one a variety of questions. Aim for a good balance of some simple and complex questions. A simple question can be something they answer with one word. And a complex question could lead to them employing critical thinking and work towards establishing their opinions and ideas. Asking children such questions develops reasoning, helps them find their inner voices, and increases their vocabulary overall. Additionally, asking questions can validate their ideas and opinions. When kids are asked to give an answer, they know that you value their thoughts.

5. Travelling and visiting new places:

It is highly recommended to take your kids to new places to experience new cultures, meet new people and see diverse places. Do this as frequently as you can. One of the main reasons why we travel is because it satisfies curiosity. So getting your little ones into this stimulating circle early on will expose them to a world of ideas they might not have witnessed otherwise.

While these are some methods we recommend, curiosity can be awakened in millions of ways! Do you have your own strategies to cultivate curiosity in children? We would love to hear your suggestions. Let’s get sharing!

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