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“Grandma, Mom, and Elon Musk: My Inspirational Trio”

To my role models,

There are people in my life whom I consider great at something, and they could be called my role models. They are not perfect in everything because nobody is, but they stand out in specific features.

The first person I admire is my grandma, with her amazing organizational and planning skills. She is almost 80 years old and is still very active. She has a big house, two gardens, two dogs, and a large family who visit her frequently. She does everything herself: cleans, cooks, gardens, takes care of her pets, and always has freshly baked traditional food ready when someone visits her. She is amazing! She has a great memory, often tells me stories about the old times and the history of our family. I admire her very much for all this and have great respect for her. I am grateful to have such a grandma because, thanks to her, I see how well you can use your time every day without wasting a single moment. You are special, grandma! Thanks to you, I know how not to waste time on unnecessary things in life and how much can be gained by good planning, even of the smallest things in our everyday life.

The second important person in my life is my mum. She is super unique in terms of consistency in her actions and showing empathy towards others. My mother is always able to listen to me and give

me good advice to overcome any difficulties. I love and admire her because nothing is impossible for her. Thank you, mom, for always appreciating my efforts, knowing how to cheer me up, and helping me persevere when I need it. Thank you for always telling me, "Don't give up." Thank you for always believing in me and showing me that every failure is the first step to doing something better. Thank you for your consistency because thanks to you I know that it is not worth giving up if you want something very much. Thank you for this, Mom. I will follow you in this for as long as I live.

The third person I admire is Elon Musk for his creativity and bravery in creating innovative solutions. I admire him because he is ambitious in his ideas and not afraid of criticism. He is amazing in that he works on many innovations simultaneously: in automotive, artificial intelligence, and space. Thank you for having a person like him, from whom I can take an example of not being afraid to show even the most unconventional solutions and not setting limits on my creativity.

I think that when I grow up, I will be as creative as he is. And with the additional feature of consistency in action, which I learn from my mum, and good organization and time planning, which I learn from my grandma, I will certainly be able to achieve many things in life. As my mum told me, I am on a good track.

Those are all the people I think are my role models.

Jan Pazdej.

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