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Your child will learn via the Case-Study Method. Why the case-study method?
The case study method, pioneered at Harvard, is known to develop higher-order cognitive learning skills. Learners master not just the concepts, but also the skills of critical thinking, real-world problem solving, and powerful communication.

Early Steps' 
innovation in education brings this powerful learning technique to children as young as 8-18 years old.
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Did you know?
Top Companies like Bain & Company, Google, McKinsey, Goldman, and many more use case study interviews to select candidates.
Bain & Company
Starting Salary
$120,000 per year
Starting Salary
$140,000 per year
Mckinsey & Company
Starting Salary
$130,000 per year
Goldman Sachs
Starting Salary
$140,000 per year
Through open-ended real-world problems presented in the case studies, children at Early Steps Academy not just gain infinite real-world knowledge, confidence, and analytical abilities, but are also able to connect core concepts to their lives and learnings in school.

Since all our case studies are based on real-world challenges that students encounter in the
news and in the world around them, Early Steps' live online classes make learning relevant (useful) and engaging (fun!).
100-year old proven Case-study method, pioneered at Harvard
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Develops reading, comprehension, and analytical skills
70% Higher Retention and understanding of core subject concepts
Enhances Critical Thinking
Unlocks complex real-world problem solving abilities
10x rise in Confidence in communication
Develops Higher Cognitive Learning Skills
Early Steps Academy is the only education venture to have an R&D team!
Through our case study research and development (R&D) team, we develop the world’s best case studies for your child to maximize learning outcomes
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Your child will learn every subject through the case study method, designed by alumni of Harvard!
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Engaging, participatory, discussion-based way of learning where students gain skills in critical thinking, real-world problem solving, and powerful communication
Modern subjects that have a direct impact on your child's aptitude!
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and many more...
In today’s skills obsessed world, it’s imperative for your child to learn the skills of tomorrow, today! With Early Steps, let your child understand how the world works before you set them free to chase their dreams!
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