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Unconventional Career Choices that are Upcoming and Trendy

The way one can define an unconventional or offbeat career option has changed drastically over the last few years. Today, game designers, food critics and social media content creators, are as much in demand as doctors and lawyers. Your child’s decided career choice may not align with what you may have had in mind, even if you refuse to admit it. But with today’s generation, you’ve got to be careful about how you react to such a situation.

You might have envisioned a field with a little more safety, job security, and a defined career path. Something more traditional like Engineering, Management, Medicine or Law perhaps?

But when your child takes the unconventional path, you worry that life in an unconventional field looks more difficult when compared to a traditional career and may not pay well immediately.

So, here are some up and coming, thriving opportunities that are the talk of the town these days that are not only rewarding but prove to be solid career choices -

1. Game Designers

For a generation whose literal first playmates are screens, it sure would be a dream to design games, something you’ve spent your entire childhood with. The running across tunnels, the alignment of jewels, the cutting of fruits, have surely had a pronounced effect on your child’s growing up phase. Apart from just coding and computer programming languages that a conventional IT job provides, a game designer, just like a film director, envisions the complete journey and development of a game. This opportunity is ideal for those individuals who have a creative streak too.

2. Social Media Expert

While us parents cringe over social media or simply fail to understand it, It wouldn’t really hurt if our children end up earning money through what they enjoy doing most.

We are talking about the digital adventure they can embark on with YouTube, Facebook, TikTok,Wordpress and Instagram among other mediums. Nowadays, every brand under the sun wants to be recognised and talked about and social media experts help them achieve this target. These brands are hiring dedicated employees for their respective social media platforms – to build a unique language and identity for their brand. If your child is passionate about crisp captions, has great communication skills and knows their way through the hashtags, there’s a world of SEOs and keywords that they can master and land a handsome package!

3. Image Consultant

Simply put, they are the go-to dependables! Very similar to personal stylists, Image Consultants have a way larger responsibility upon their shoulders. As professionals, they enable clients to make the perfect alterations to their appearance, refine their communication skills and polish their professional behaviour. What counts here is their acumen of observation and analysing which will set you apart from others with their own language. This profession also immensely utilises knowledge of branding to the fullest! While this may sound like a pet project instead of a solid career, acquiring, managing and maintaining clients will not only teach your child a lot but also secure them great packages.

4. Ethical Hacking

Today, literally the entire world is on the internet. 4 out of every 5 people definitely own a smartphone and most operations in everything from banking to commerce and even investments are conducted online. This makes safety and security the highest priority on any given scale for any organisation. An ethical hacker, as the name suggests is a position offered by top organisations to IT wizards to keep their systems online from ever getting hacked. This job is ideal if your child is someone who possesses a sense of adventure along with incredible IT skills. This is for all the tech wizards out there and not only is this adventurous but these people enjoy some of the most juicy pay-checks.

So as long as there is a scope in the future, it is okay if your children run after career choices that are unconventional. One should never pressurise children or hover above them for anything. What can be done instead is provide them the space and time they need, because every step they take is a learning experience. While helping your child make their career choices, remember that the final decision is their own.

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