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The Teenage Empire - Teens who took the Entrepreneurial World by Storm

For most people, the word ‘entrepreneur’ conjures up images of seasoned businessmen like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. These household names are sure to be known to all. They are not just some of the wealthiest business owners, but also big innovators. While business is synonymous to risk, many take that leap of faith and go all in to pursue their dreams. But business acumen doesn’t come easy and it is not nothing that comes necessarily with age or even experience. Young kids around the world are on a roll! From exciting product innovations to brand collaborations, these young guns are giving us a run for our money.

Here are a few young entrepreneurs who have proven that age is just a number:

1. Mikaila Ulmer - Me & The Bees Lemonade

In picture : Mikaila Ulmer

The story of the girl with the lemonade stand may be extremely cliché, but this Texas-born is on her way to business success. Her business ‘Me & The Bees Lemonade’ is grabbing the world by storm. Mikaila’s product is selling more than half a million units a year in over 1,500 outlets all over the United States. Now, Ulmer has turned her focus towards developing different and unique product lines, like her newly launched natural beeswax lip balm.

2. Cory Nieves - Mr. Cory’s Cookies

In picture : Cory Nieves

We can all agree we are never too old for cookies. Founder and CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies brought everyone the ultimate sweet cravings. His entrepreneurial journey started very early. As a teenager when he sensed an opportunity, he started searching for the perfect cookie recipe. Soon, he along with his mom began taking their cookies everywhere. Today the company has over 14 flavours. The business was an instant, if modest, success.

3. Langston Whitlock - Safe trip

In picture : Langston Whitlock

Riding alone can be a little daunting but this little one has just the right fix for you! He is the Cofounder and CIO of the famous venture - Safe trip - a ride-sharing app that aims towards helping the homeless and the elderly people. Caretakers, health care providers and patients can use this app to book medical transportation whenever and wherever needed. The company has raised around $2 million, with $3.4 million in revenue last year.

4. Erik Finman - Botangle

In picture : Erik Finman

Bitcoin sounds like a toy for the elderly but this little one is proving everyone wrong. Erik Finman started his entrepreneurial journey in a very special way. He bought $1,000 worth of bitcoin at just a tender age of 12. He then sold $100,000 worth of bitcoin and used all of the earnings to start a new venture - Botangle. This platform focuses around education and allows students to find their right teacher for personalized one-on-one tutoring experience. Apart from that, Erik is also a part of a NASA project in which he is currently working on launching a satellite into space that contains a digital time capsule.

5. Isabella Rose Taylor

In picture : Isabella Rose Taylor

This teenager is one to look out for. Isabella Rose Taylor was an impeccable artist before becoming a fashion designer and high school entrepreneur. She is currently the youngest designer to have worked at the glorious New York Fashion Week and now is collaborating with Pottery Barn Teen which is a very famous home furnishing company. Inspired by her love for art, she partnered with the company in 2017 to create her own bedroom studio collection.

While it may seem impossible to start your own venture, it’s the first step that matters. Once that’s out of the way, you’re on your path to building something for yourself. All it needs is a little courage, a tad bit of self-confidence and lots of perseverance. So here’s your sign to let your child’s imagination go wild. Who knows, they might be the next big thing?

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