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Rewards for Kids – Best Ways to Motivate Your Children

Everyone needs motivation to get things done, whether it’s hitting the gym daily or tackling a big task at work. And when it comes to kids, usually motivation is hard to come by. Clean their room? What for? Complete their homework? But why? That’s why most parents use rewards. It is important to reward your child for their good behaviour or any good work done by them. This naturally encourages them to do and be better. The child stays motivated and does better because of the good feeling that comes along with them being rewarded. So, what are the best ways to reward your little one? Read on to find out!

1. Affection and Genuine Appreciation for the Effort Made:

The best reward for children’s good behaviour is always your love and affection. Nothing drives home a point like exhibiting genuine love. Give your child that extra cuddle or that kiss to reiterate that their behaviour has been good. Use positive words to appreciate them and the efforts they make to complete a task or show good behaviour.

2. Giving Them Their Favourite Food:

A happy kid is one that always loves their food. Even if you have to ultimately indulge them with his favourite snack that might be conventionally off limits, do it as a reward. Because your child will understand what a deep impression their good behaviour has had on you. Naturally, don’t make this the only form of reward you are giving out because you might just end up encouraging unhealthy practices.

3. Doing a Fun Outdoor Family Activity:

Spend quality family time as a family at a picnic spot or a nature trail. This is a reward that combines the goodness of being together as a family with inculcating a love for nature and the environment for your little one. Your child will begin to have a healthy respect for the earth - thanks to this reward system.

4. Giving them Winner’s Pride Cards:

Always keep some pride cards handy. This reward method works especially well when you have more than one child. Healthy competition amongst siblings to earn a pride card can be a win-win for everyone at home. Make decorative pictorial cards that have phrases on them like 'I cleaned my room today', 'I finished my greens', or 'I completed my homework'. Children love bragging about how good they are at doing things. Appreciation in the form of a Pride card will truly boost their will to do better in the future.

5. Asking Them to Choose What Chore They Want to Omit As a Reward:

One of the best rewards you can give your little one for finishing up daily chores is to let them leave out one chore of their choosing for maybe an evening, an entire day, or even a week, depending on the level of rewards they have earned. This will ensure that your little one completes all chores on time, even in the future as it is a motivational reward for them.

6. Building It Up with A Reward Chart:

One of the most positive rewards for kids is a little reward chart. Your child can visualise their progress and how well they have done as well as what activities or behaviour have earned them the rewards, and how they can earn more of them. This helps them maintain good behaviour in the long run.

While these are some methods we recommend, parenting is personal and can be made extremely creative. Remember that you know your child best. The ideas that you eventually pick should suit your child’s personality, their temperament and preference. Help your little one earn their rewards so that both of you can enjoy the fruit of perseverance!

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