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Movies for Tweens with hidden life lessons

It’s very difficult as a parent to draw our children into meaningful conversations, isn’t it? Especially if the conversation is about something very important but your child just won’t listen! But then again who says you have to sweat it out? If there’s an easier way to do the job without having to do all the heavy lugging, I’m sure you’ll take that option any day, and maybe twice on Sundays. Which is exactly why I love family movie nights. To solidify my love for family movie nights, here's a fun fact for you - Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that movies have the ability to persuade and teach our children?

Therefore, let me assist you, my dear parent friend, with my list of the best movies that I believe will help you in your venture to teach your little ones some important life lessons.

1. Dead Poets Society

When an inspirational and not so orthodox teacher joins the staff of the all elite male prep school, Welton Academy the boys are inspired to be different and to break away from the usual norms. It's an eye-opener to see these young, fancy men realise that they can break from tradition and make their very own choices. Rebellion isn't always as bad as one may think, especially not when it allows you to seize the day!

2. Soul Surfer

The phenomenal true story of Bethany Hamilton, who was a champion teenage surfer, when a shark attack during surfing took her arm. Her hope, faith and the undying support of her friends and family help her surf once again and go on to be a professional surfer. The movie was a picture perfect example of what it means to overcome adversity and persevere through.

3. Pay it forward

14-year-old Trevor is inspired by a school assignment that asks students to repay a favour to not just one person but rather to 3 other people and then encourage the recipients to also do the same. This led to the "pay it forward" movement’s birth.This movie warms up and ends up being a tear-jerker with all sorts of plot lines weaving together teaching us kindness and provoking us to think about others.

4. The Blindside

Based on a beautiful true story, this one’s half sports movie and half inspirational family insight. A homeless and traumatised black boy becomes a successful All American football player thanks to the tremendous belief, love and support of a wealthy white woman and her family. This movie is a happy ride and focuses on compassion, empathy and teaching us that family comes in all forms.

5. The Pursuit of Happiness

Will Smith, an exceptional performer plays a caring father who is a bit hapless. He spends his life savings on an invention and ends up losing his partner and his home because of it. During his time as a homeless father, he looks after his son and strives to make a better life for both of them, working immensely hard and not letting anyone dull his efforts and enthusiasm for the future dream. Will Smith through the movie truly teaches you the importance of determination and how you should always try to reach for your dreams.

That’s why I love Family Movie Nights. It is one of the rare moments when the entire family is enchanted and involved. From the youngest to the oldest, a great movie can invite us all in. And while your little one may not sit down for a chat about life lessons they’d surely be interested in this method. And while these are my top picks, I'd love to know yours! Send us your favourite movie to watch during family movie nights. Let’s get sharing!

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