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Fun ways to celebrate Christmas with Children

The cold breeze, the freezing nights, and the cold morning fog all indicate the same thing: Christmas - the most awaited time of the year - is here! The joy of celebration multiplies instantly with the company of loved ones, and this is evident during Christmas. Having children in the family is even more fun because your child will make the atmosphere completely energetic and joyful. If you have a little one and haven’t thought of his/her participation in all the celebrations, think again—you could be missing out on an opportunity to make this Christmas celebration memorable for both them and you!

Here are some fun Christmas activities that we think they would love.

1. Hit the shops

This one is for all the teens out there who definitely love a bit of retail therapy, so why not enjoy a fun Christmas shopping spree together? It’s even more fun if you go in the evening to a late-night shop when the streets are lit up with twinkling Christmas lights. As you search for gifts, take note of the things your child spots in the shops and likes. It can give you inspiration for any sort of last-minute gifts that you can later sneak back and buy for them too.

2. Spend a ‘crafternoon’ making homemade things

Pick a craft idea that you and your little one enjoy and can do together. You can then get your craft on and spend a fun afternoon together creating your own handmade gifts. You could make a huge batch of chocolate fudge, or some beautiful handmade soaps or bath bombs, or some lip smacking jams, or savouries, the options are endless!

3. Volunteering to give a little back

Look for opportunities for the two of you to volunteer over the holiday season. It might be volunteering at your neighbourhood food bank or volunteering at a nearby animal shelter. Perhaps you can even spend some time on Christmas Day helping out at a soup kitchen. All of this contributes to the Christmas spirit and helps us recognize how fortunate we are this year.

4. Bring out the popcorn for a Christmas movie marathon

Make a huge bowl of popcorn. Light the fireplace and the Christmas tree. Make steaming mugs of decadent hot chocolate with some marshmallows. Sounds exciting? That’s exactly how you enjoy a Christmas movie marathon!

Take turns picking your favourite holiday films—whether that’s Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, or Home Alone, cosy up and marathon away!

5. Hold onto at least one childhood tradition

Yes, your child might be all grown up and out of all the childhood traditions, but it’s still sweet to keep hold of some traditions for old times' sake. Whether it’s making gingerbread houses on Christmas Day, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, or unwrapping new pyjamas on the night before Christmas, hold on to just one or two of these traditions you have done over and over again each Christmas to keep that Christmas spirit alive. Your teen may roll their eyes at the thought of it, but we bet it’ll be so worth it.

6. Make a photobook of your year

If there’s one thing we know about tweens it is that they love photos, and there are probably about a squinty billion on their phone from this year itself. Spend some time together looking through all the photos they have taken over the year and pick out the best to make them into a photo book. There are loads of online sites and apps that can help you do this easily and quickly. As you flick back through all the photos, you will definitely find yourselves reminiscing and chatting about the memories you have made over the past year too.

All of these fun Christmas activities for children are enough to prompt you to walk the extra mile and make it an incredibly memorable day for you and your little one. Make this a gala event in your child’s eyes, because even though you cannot bring back lost memories, you can always cherish the new ones you’re making right now. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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