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Best Volunteering Opportunities for Kids

The best way to teach children good values is to demonstrate it to them. We cannot simply expect our children to develop these values without a little bit of encouragement, or simply setting an example for them to follow. The best way that you can do this is by letting them provide simple but meaningful service for their community.

Showing your kids how to serve their community teaches them humility and that they should not only live for themselves but also give back to others. This is especially important when it comes to learning how to give without expecting anything in return.

And while it may be very confusing to figure out where you can start, here are some great ways to teach your kids how to help others. You can choose which one suits your little one the best!

1. Visiting a Nursing Home

Old people in nursing homes don’t always have families who visit often, so it is one of the best places kids can try to volunteer. To have a family with little children visiting them is something they will look forward to and will bring them a lot of joy. You can tell stories, play card games and ask them to teach you something they are good at, while you can teach them something new as well!

2. Volunteering at an Animal Centre

Sometimes, it can simply be walking dogs or helping to clean out their cages, but helping out animals is a therapeutic process in itself. If your kids are too young for that, you can always make dog toys for an art and craft project, and donate them to the shelter for free.

3. Helping Out at the Community Food Shelter

You can raise funds through various activities so that you can purchase food for the shelters, or you can directly volunteer by helping to serve food or set the tables. Cleaning up is also something that you as a family can volunteer to do.

4. Helping Brighten the Community

Making the community a better, more beautiful place is always an enjoyable process. You can plant flowers or other beautiful plants in your surroundings like a community park so that it becomes more pleasant and beautiful for everyone to spend time there.

5. Donating Personal Items

Children grow fast and outgrowing clothes and shoes can happen pretty quickly! Their old clothes and shoes can be donated to the less fortunate. You can have your children help out by asking them to pick out items such as old toys and shoes, to give to other children who might need them.

6. Setting Up a Collection Centre for Coats

Approach neighbours, family, and friends or spread the word through social media that you are collecting coats to give to the homeless or underprivileged. This is a great way to bring the community together to do something great.

7. Visiting Children’s Hospitals

Some children are extremely ill and need to spend a lot of time in the hospital itself. By taking your children to visit these kids, they will be able to enjoy the company of others their age and treat them with love and kindness. During the holiday season, you can take bags of gifts and have your kids distribute them to sick children.

8. Having a Bake Sale for Charity

Who doesn’t love sweets? Setting up a stall where you and the kids sell home-baked goods and lemonade is the best thing ever! You can donate everything that you earn from the sale to a charity.

While volunteering is not something mandatory, it’s a great thing to let your kids try out. As with most things, kids need to learn the importance of giving, of reaching out a helping hand, and that there is a lot of happiness to be found in doing good things for others. So the next time you think of volunteering, circle back to this blog and we hope it helps you pick the right volunteering service for your little one!

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