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Rock Bottom to Mountain Tops

Education finds its meaning in how we deal with life. Let me share my story and how I am able to educate the world with my life’s meandering experiences.

I became a mother at just 23. In my mind, I had to give up all that I was and dedicate my life to raising my daughter, Kamryn. Life decided to throw more challenges and my engagement ended very soon after Kamryn was born.

In picture: Shanicia with daughter Kamryn

My daughter and I were homeless - living with friends. I could not find a job that allowed me to be a mother. I was barely 26, and had officially hit rock bottom. Here's what I did - I gave myself seven days to cry and then I got to work. Hitting the bottom means the only place to go is up, right?

In picture: Shanicia with her best-selling book

I launched Black Moms Blog, a collaborative blogging site where women talk about parenting, culture and lifestyle. I gathered around 30K community members pretty fast and learnt how to monetize my site by creating engaging content that educated my audience. I spoke about something no one seemed to be speaking about - the motherhood experience for women of colour! Within six months of living with friends, I had launched an official business, earned more than 16000$, and moved my daughter and myself back into the same apartment building that my ex had kicked us out of. In six months, I discovered just how far I could push myself to win.

In picture: Shanicia

Today I’m a serial entrepreneur and a bestselling author! My blog @blackmomsblog has 500,000+ subscribers, I run international retreats for moms of colour, and I’ve authored 3 books!

In picture: Shanicia and Kamryn

I hope my struggles of surviving and winning in the real world is a lesson and an inspiration to not just all the parents out there, but to all those little girls, especially girls of colour, that NOTHING IS EVER IMPOSSIBLE! Don’t lose your confidence – push through and magic will happen 😊

- Shanicia Boswell (Entrepreneur, Best-selling author, Mom to Kamryn)

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