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Raising Confident Kids

In Picture: Trisha and the family

I’m raising two strong and confident girls and this is how you can do it too:

1) Encourage speaking up: Having a voice and being assertive are important life skills. To make sure your kids speak up more often, carve out time for thoughtful discussions, let them answer for themselves, try not judging them and model by example.

2) Show support - The influence that you have over your child is more dependent on a trusting relationship than it is on how much authority you dish out. So permit a certain level of autonomy and keep an open mind towards their choices. Stay involved, helpful and tell them you believe in them. Love, trust and optimism from family are powerful weapons against life’s challenges and disappointments.

3) Practice positive affirmations: As important as it is for parents to love and support their children, it's equally important for children to learn to create these positive emotions within themselves. Practice positive affirmations with kids to increase self-belief, self-compassion and pro-social behaviour.

4) Be Confident: Confidence begins with you. Remember - only confident parents raise confident children. If they see you being bold, energetic and assertive, they will simply take on your traits.

5) Try team sports: Playing team sports, or any sport in general, has been proven to help kids build their confidence by giving them the skills and attitudes they need to succeed in everyday situations. Besides enrolling them in sports, try spending time as a family

~Trisha Enriquez (Mom of 2 who left her elite corporate job to help parents navigate parenting)

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