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From Nigeria To The States

In Picture: Kunbi

When I was 15, I embarked on a one way solo journey from Nigeria to the United States.

My mother had sold all her belongings to be able to afford that ticket for me. The ticket was, in fact, a promise - the promise of a better life. At 15, I couldn’t disagree more. I distinctly remember the first time I landed at Boston Airport - everything seemed alien and strange. The people were different, the language was different, the way everyone walked and talked was different. Coming from a predominantly black background and an entirely different culture, I was in knots - overwhelmed, scared and nervous all at once. But I had made up my mind, I was going to make it at any cost.

In Picture: Kunbi at a Conference

The first couple of years were hard, very hard but I kept the promise I’d made to myself. I hustled my way to law school - I was one of the youngest to have made it to law school at a top public university in the States. 20 years have passed since but it still feels like the blink of an eye. I have learnt how important it is to show up and be open to learning. To be able to thrive, you have to welcome change. You know how they say - you’ve got to bend so you don’t break. But most importantly, you have to be confident. It will change how the world perceives you and how you perceive yourself.

In Picture: Kunbi

I have built myself an illustrious career over the years, touchwood. Today I’m a business attorney and an entrepreneur. As an attorney, I help businesses navigate the legal complexities of doing business in America. As an entrepreneur, I run a luxury event digital publication which has almost half a million followers across platforms! I’m married to an Ivy-League Doctor and we are a loving family of 4!

In Picture: Kunbi with family

You know, I sometimes wish that 15 year old Kunbi at Boston Airport could see herself now. God, she would be proud!

~Kunbi Odubogun (Business Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Mom of 2)

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