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8 fun things to do with kids this winter break!

Come winter and the air is filled with the Christmas vibe. One can’t help but think of mistletoe, decorated Christmas trees with presents beneath them, hanging socks, elaborate seven-course suppers, free-flowing wine, chatter and camaraderie! Christmas spent in a pandemic the past year has been a far cry from any and all of the joy we associate it with. The threat of a major outbreak dangles on our necks once again but having celebrated a sombre Christmas last time, you can’t just do nothing this time. The outlook is still fairly gloomy but no one said you cannot have a little fun (even if that's indoors)!

Here’s a curation of 8 fun and engaging things you can do with your little ones this winter break:

1. Throw a movie marathon: Throw a family movie night to watch classics of all times. Experience your favourite movies once again with your children.

2. Redecorate your house: Winter is a great time to redecorate a room or two in the house. This can be a floor to ceiling redecoration, moving in new furniture, giving the walls a fresh paint or just simply putting up Christmas decor to usher in the season’s vibe.

3. Get organized: Turn the cluttered closets and messy pantries into shape once and for all! Begin the new year with an arranged, prim house. Besides being a fun activity, this will instil discipline in children.

4. Host an intimate family brunch: Whip-up some amazing brunch recipes for a fresh at-home meal with your family. Let your children help you plan the brunch - starting from deciding the guest list to sending out invites to brunch menu and decor to even cooking! This will give them a sense of responsibility whilst making them feel more included in the celebrations.

5. Pen a handwritten letter: You can always call up your long distance friends and family but there's something extra special about sending a handwritten letter. This winter, make handwritten postcards/ letters along with your tots and drop it to the post office. This gives an extremely personal, caring touch to your greetings and gives kids a peek into a world before instant messaging.

6. Volunteer at a soup kitchen: Giving back is always in season! Gain gratitude and teach children giving back to the community by volunteering at local food banks, charity drives, etc.

7. Go to a museum: Winter is an ideal time to visit a museum. Give your children the much needed exposure - be it science or art. In the times of youtube-ing and google-ing everything, let them get a taste of exploring a museum. However, before visiting, do check for abbreviated hours and Covid procedures.

8. Try your hand at knitting: Once deemed boring, knitting and sewing is back in fashion. Knit a sweater or do a cross-stitch the old fashioned way. This is super fun for children and who knows, they may actually end up knitting a sweater or two for themselves!

Try out these out and let us know in the comments how it went. We can't wait to hear!

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