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10 Celebrity Quotes About Parenthood That Are Spot-On

Parenting is one hard job no matter who you are. Even if you can afford a nanny, your job as a parent still isn’t easy. There’s a slight chance you’re still constantly worried and also constantly trying to do ‘enough’ and be enough. Whether you’re working all day or staying at home, you’re still mostly going to keep shifting back and forth from feeling like a Super Mom to feeling like the worst parent ever. Let’s put it this way, parenthood is one looong ride on the struggle bus. Bottom line: We are all in the same boat and this collection of relatable, funny and heartfelt celebrity parenting quotes is the ultimate proof that the struggle is real and the rewards you reap are sizeable:

So next time you feel like life is crumbling down and that others have it better than you do, come back to this blog for a reminder that every parent - no matter what their social standing is, is sailing in the same boat.

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