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Should my child know about Crypto?

A few years ago, if you had mentioned the term ‘cryptocurrency’ to me, it’s likely I would have imagined some kind of currency involving an underworld banking system with hooded traders sitting behind shady computers.

But the world looks massively different now - we now read about crypto not only in business sections, but on front pages. Jurisdictions around the world are scurrying to put into place regulations to make it easier for crypto to operate. Love it or hate it - Cryptocurrency is here to stay. It is becoming more mainstream day by day. And who knows, it might completely replace money to become legal tender soon!

Given that, it’s only fair if we introduce our children early on to a technology that’s potentially about to become the norm for their generation. Here are four compelling reasons to introduce your children to Crypto:

1) Crypto is already set to be an essential subject - It is now common practice for children as young as 5 years to be taught basic computer code starting with the simplest of languages like HTML or CSS. Modern subjects like these which were once just electives available in high school/ universities are becoming more and more commonplace. These are ‘essential subjects’, the knowledge of which is important to survive the 21st century! Therefore, spiking the interest of children in blockchain and cryptocurrencies makes a lot of sense. Today’s little warriors are attuned to the technological revolution far more than you and I are, so you can trust them with adopting and understanding it far more easily than us. Let them take this on as an essential subject! It’s only a matter of time that these subjects become compulsory for kids!

2) It’s better for children to understand the world we live in - Locking your child away from the worrying downsides of social media and technology may seem like a good idea at first but by looking at it constructively, we must accept that this is part of our life and will more so be part of theirs. We must ensure maximum encouragement for them to spend their time learning about potential life-changing topics to open new doors. By encouraging your child to learn about cryptocurrency early on, you can spark a new-found interest in them and open future career opportunities for them in a competitive digital world.

3) Cryptocurrency is here to stay - The whirring controversies aside, cryptocurrencies have proven their will for the long run. Starting with the basics of a decentralized environment, the new-age trust for it is only growing. Crypto has solved problems that otherwise seem to have no solution and so, there’s no going back from it anymore. The only way is forward - embracing it and learning its ways!

4) Crypto is changing the world as we know it - Crypto hasn’t only rocked the financial world - it’s shifting the cultural world too. A case in hand would be how blockchain technology, the primary technology behind crypto, has transformed concepts like ownership with the advent of NFTs. Crypto is changing the world in ways unfathomable. Like every revolutionary technology ever invented, the scepticism towards crypto was natural. With time however, people have evidently embraced crypto with great success.

Want your child to learn crypto but not sure how to get them started? Enroll them at the Early Steps program and see them speak confidently about NFTs, Crypto, Space tech and much more! Register for a free demo session today!

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