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Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

A book that has deeply inspired me is named the School of good and evil. The title seems childish but what the book entails is enriching. The book centers around two characters named Sophie and Agatha. People referred to Sophie as a perfect and kind individual because of her appearance.

However, they diminished Agatha due to the fact she did not look the same as everyone else. Due to her ominous character and dark appearance, they referred to her as a witch. Now, everyone thought Agatha would go to the school of evil, and Sophie to good. The people including the girls were wrong. The opposite of what they thought occurred. As the story progresses the readers and the story characters figures out, due to their actions, why Agatha was in good and Sophie in evil.

This story told me that the surface of someone doesn't matter but what lies beneath it. The world easily judges people based on looks forgetting beauty is not forever. In the end Agatha learned to loved herself and learned that her appearance doesn't make her inferior to everyone else. It was her good character that made her superior to everyone else.

If people judge you what really matters is for the person to not judge themselves.

Through this book I learned to not judge a book by its cover and to love yourself.

Graciana, South Africa

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