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Learning at the School of Life

In picture : Raoul with his son

“I was brought up in a very conventional household in Mumbai, India. Growing up, I have always had something of crazy streak - not sure where I got that from. You can call me a free spirit. As a child, I never fit into school because it failed to appreciate my special talents. I had a fascination for the sea and so at 19, I moved to the Andamans. Here I explored my love for scuba diving and surfing. Today I'm a certified instructor and I train travellers who come from around the world to experience some adventure and a little slice of heaven. I met our child's mom here too - she’s an architect. We clicked instantly and cut to 6 years, we have the cutest little son - Ari 🙂

In picture : Raoul and with his son Ari in the sea

We’re homeschooling Ari because we believe conventional schools generally don’t do a good job at recognizing a child’s true potential, interests and talents. And anyway, the best learning always happens at the school of life. He's growing up learning life skills which actually matter in the real world. He surfs, reads and hangs out with environmentalists, snake rescuers and divers in his leisure time. We hit the sea everyday both in the morning and the evening.

In picture : Ari with environmentalists

And oh, he loooves painting! This is how I’ve always imagined life to be - this is my little paradise.

In picture : Raoul and Ari

There's nothing conventional about my family or my lifestyle and I totally love it! I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this whole wide world!"

- Raoul Dmello (A father, a Scuba Instructor, An Explorer for Life)

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