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Balancing The Left And The Right Brain

In picture : Chilling in Maldives

“From an engineer to a social media influencer, my journey has been an act of balancing my left and right brain. As a child, I knew that I had a creative streak but growing up I neither had the means nor the liberty to pursue a career in arts. I chose a stable career for myself - working as an engineer in software development .

In picture: Mother and daughter

Call it a streak of good luck that suddenly my casual pursuit of photography turned into a serious affair, when some of my photographs got noticed by the Arizona's Tourism Department. They featured them. One thing led to another and I was soon blogging, writing news articles for a prestigious column and interviewing celebrities in the US. The first opportunity gave me the confidence to rethink my pursuits. Was it possible to make money as well as follow my passion? And the answer was YES!

In picture : Sweethearts by the ocean

Here I was working on my codes during the day, writing creative pieces in the evening and traveling across the US during weekends. Btw, I have traveled to almost all the fifty states in the US! :) Between all of this, I took on another job - the best one of all - being a mom to my two little munchkins. Over the years, I have felt that confidence is cumulative. The sooner you find yours, the farther you can go in life. I found mine when I first had someone reach out to me for my photography - which was just a hobby, a passion back then.

In Picture - Little Family

Today my passion projects have turned into a side hustle, where I work as a content creator and social media influencer sharing my joys and struggles of raising little humans. I hope my meandering career, finding its way into my passion is something that people can find hope in. Life may not start perfect, but who cares, till it ends up perfect. Touchwood."

~ Sneha (Engineer, Influencer, Mother of two)

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