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Key Take Aways

- Importance of a Balanced diet
Portion Control and Age-Appropriate Serving Sizes
- Nutrient-rich food for Growth and Development
- The Role of Micronutrients
- Healthy Eating Habits and Long -Term Well-being
- Mindful Eating Practices

+Many more tips on raising a healthy & confident child

About Dr. Rajeena Shahin

She is one of the most ardent champions of Transforming Healthcare with Therapeutic Lifestyle Interventions. She has over 20+ years of experience in health care in various capacities, of which the last 14 years are in Nutrition and lifestyle Intervention.


Dr. Rajeena Shahin is the founder of two companies one in HealthCare and the other in Education. In 2022 she joined as the Medical Director for “Physician’s Association for Nutrition India” with a mission to educate & empower Medical professionals about the power of Evidence-based Nutrition.

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